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Serve the whole family.

Porchfest runs from lunch to dinner time, giving you the opportunity to feed two meals to over 5,000 expected attendees. Our audience is diverse and spans all age groups, so you can succeed no matter what food you serve.


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Signup deadline: August 1, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the signup process work?

Just fill out the form above to help us place your food truck in an optimal spot at the center of the event. 

What are the fees?

Full-menu/entree food trucks
Early bird (before June 1): $50
After June 1: $75

Snack/drink food trucks:
Early bird (before June 1): $20
After June 1: $40

Where can I pay my setup fee?

Please pay your setup fee here.

What’s your refund policy?

We’ll only issue refunds if Porchfest is cancelled. Porchfest is a rain-or-shine event and will only be cancelled due to severe weather. We have had successful Porchfests even on rainy days!

Where will I set up my food truck? When will I find out where to set up?

“Food Truck Row” will be on the 500 Block of N. Byers Avenue, at the center of the event. We make a full map of Food Truck Row to make sure everybody fits. We’ll email you the map along with detailed setup instructions 1-2 weeks before the event.
When will I set up, and when will I need to leave?

Food trucks will set up from 10:00– 11:00 AM. Please make sure to show up on time! Music will end at 7:00 PM, but you’re free to continue selling as people leave the event. The street must be cleared by 8:00 PM.

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