Host a band on your porch

Turn your porch into a concert venue.

If you’re the Hostess with the Mostess, you’ll love welcoming a musician to your porch. You’ll get a front row seat and a backstage pass to your favorite local band.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Porch Host do?

It’s simple and easy — just help your band feel welcome and make sure they have everything they need to play a great set. Many hosts provide light snacks and beverages, but that isn’t required.

Alcohol consumption is at your discretion. Any alcohol must be consumed on private property (i.e. not in the street).

You’ll receive a welcome package for your band on the morning of the event. It will include a tip jar, a thank-you letter, and food vouchers for your band.

The tip jar should be displayed as close to the audience as possible so that attendees can leave tips without disrupting the performance.

You’ll receive full instructions 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

Do I live in North Heights? Is my house close enough to the event to host a band?

North Heights runs from Main Street to Jackson Avenue and from 1st Street to Glenview. The center of the event is around D Street and Byers Avenue. Houses closest to that area will be prioritized.

Even if you’re on the outskirts of that area, sign up anyway! Finding hosts is tricky for us and every option helps.
When will I find out my band and time slot?

Early September, about a month prior to the event. We’ll send you an email to give you your band’s contact information and vice versa.

What is the time commitment?

60-90 minutes per band. Bands play a 45-minute set, and will need a few minutes to set up and take down.

You can request specific time slots in the signup form.

Can I host multiple bands?

Yes! Just say so in the signup form. We’ll make sure there’s time between your bands.

Can I request a specific band?

Yes! Let us know in the signup form and we’ll do our best to honor requests.

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